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Breakdown The fall from a 7 score to a 6 score is more apparent than the fall from a 9 to an 8, and maybe even from an 8 to a 7. Now is the time to put it to use.

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He's not a fan of his uncle so he doesn't want him to be king. Another moment where Hamlet might have truly lost it is when he stumbles upon Ophelia's funeral, which is how he learns of her suicide. Considering the change in his demeanor that everyone around the castle has noticed due to his depression, the "crazy" act he puts on seems like a logical progression. Their evil actions change who Hamlet is as a person and a character. Score: 6 Madness plays a crucial role in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. That revelation, and his belief that Claudius was the one spying on his mother and him, drives Hamlet to blindly drive his sword through the tapestry, which conceals Polonius. Even before knowing the truth of his father's murder, Hamlet has lost his respect for his mother. Score: 2 In Hamlet, Hamlet had a lot of problems. This score will be reported on a five-point scale, with the following designations:. The combination of Hamlet's horrendous treatment of her, topped with his murder of her father, is what drives Ophelia over the edge. Some readers read the play that way, and if Hamlet really does go crazy a little bit, it's because of the crimes Gertrude and Claudius committed, and how they affected Hamlet. The reason Hamlet's relationship with Claudius is so toxic is two-fold. We know. The discussion's beginning to get a little artificial for everyone's liking here.

Hamlet doesn't mean to kill Polonius, but it's a moment that most closely represents his act descending into real madness. Her father's death isn't even supposed to happen.

When Ophelia appears before the king and queen following Polonius' death, though, she speaks nonsense and appears to have cracked.

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If, however, you are seeking general humanities credit, your overall score will be used to determine your eligibility. If you plan to continue studying music through your higher education, your subscores will help music departments to make appropriate decisions about credit and placement based on the separate courses for written theory and aural skills that they offer.

It varies from school to school though. Score: 3 In Hamlet, Hamlet's understanding of family, and his relationship with some of his family members, affects the themes of the whole play.

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