Analyis of survivors by seigfried sassoon

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Rivers neurologist and anthropologistit is probable that his decline would have led to a total break-down. The last two lines convey the total effect of the war; reducing men who went to war, glad to be serving their country, to the level of helpless children.

Again the disassociated, unfeeling voice make its presence felt. On arriving at the hospital he was diagnosed with neurasthenia and had it not been for the work of his psychologist Dr. Visibly shaken after these occurrences, Sassoon often mentioned them in his poems. Their sleep is filled with nightmares of the ghosts of friends who died in battle and the horrific scenes in the battlefield.

The main rhetorical device in the poem is the irony. The opening line gives the reader a sense of misleading hope. Related posts:.

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English Poetry for Schools: Explanation for "Survivors" by Sassoon