Ala juventud reflection to the filipino youth

Ala juventud reflection to the filipino youth

Lastly, based on what I felt when I was reading the poem and the emotions that were expressed on each of the poems line, as to the sincerity of the poem, I considered To the Filipino Youth as indeed a work from the heart with no pretension, no boastfulness, no haughtiness and no plasticity. These words were chosen to balance his thoughts of criticizing them in the 3rd stanza, where Spaniards put "chains" to every Filipinos. A La Juventud Filipina is an inspiring poem that states that the Filipino youth are capable of great heights. First, let us see how the Drunkard bothered Filipino. And for that to happen we, the Filipino youth has a big role in nation-building. He even portrayed a pen as mightier than a sword. Jose Rizal, our national hero. The vision that Rizal had for our country can become a reality if and only if we remember our duty. Ang Tagalog ay hindi rin natin pwedeng sabihing puro dahil marami sa ating mga salita ang galing sa Kastila, Ingles, Intsik at iba pang bansa ng nakaugnayan ng mga Filipino. Undoubtedly, just like the other poems of our national hero Dr. It shows us that to be the future of the Philippines, we must work hard and respect our values, in order to attain a higher vision.

If what he proposes will benefit the people, we will act upon it". He is a Filipino poet and a businessman, who was born at the time when the wounds inflicted by our Spaniard conquerors were still fresh, and it was written at a time when we were under the great influence of the stars and stripes, as mentioned in the poem, just as we all still are.

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Jose Rizal, our national hero. Posted by. Youth concerns matter to everyone. Jose P. I feel inspired to study harder and be more disciplined as it will help me when I become an adult. Furthermore, it was like telling me that together with my fellow youths, I am responsible for preserving the Philippines as a nation not for the foreigners but for me and the rest of the Filipinos. Resplendent shines Your courage rich, Handsome hope of my motherland! A polymath, Jose was gifted in Science, Algebra, and a multitude of other fields, including art and farming. Simply speaking, Rizal wants to communicate the means of making peaceful process to achieve freedom. He graduated with flying colors and took up a preparatory course in law at the University of Santo Tomas. He even portrayed a pen as mightier than a sword. But how can we, if we are only sitting around and being satisfied with mediocre work.

If he is right, we will correct them. These words were chosen to balance his thoughts of criticizing them in the 3rd stanza, where Spaniards put "chains" to every Filipinos. You can see some of those traits in me if you ever took the.

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Definitely, Rizal wrote the poem out from disappointment. This led to separation of families, as evidenced by the case of Jomar Lanot who was only able to reunite with his mother after years of being separated as she worked in domestic labour ibid.

Who are Street Youth: Young people in the Philippines constitute for almost half of the total population of the country, with about If I were to base my judgments, I can personally describe it as a real poem that is, something that beautifully incorporated the essential elements of poetry.

While I was examining its every line, I was entirely amazed on the three aspects that composed it: the manner of writing, the message it tries to stress, and the sincerity of the poem. Being a grandmother of wonderful grandkids has brought me further exposure to the plight of elderly Filipino-Americans in the United States of America.

a la juventud filipina reflection

Click the links to see the poem:. And on that note, I wish everyone would be as inspired as I am by Dr.

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It urges the Filipino youth to reach their potential by harnessing their skills and talents for the betterment of our countrymen. You can really feel the eagerness that Dr.

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Aside the visual magnifence of such event, the heart of this holiday lies in an incredible spirit and dedication of Filipinos to honor Catholic religion. It is one of the seven sacraments of God wherein a man and a woman are united as one. He even portrayed a pen as mightier than a sword. I feel that his writings inspire me and I want to share my reflections about one of his most famous poems. On the other hand, the rhyming of the words also astonished me; the symbolisms then that were used such as the deities Phoebus and Apelles as symbols of their respective realms, were superb for it made the poem have a blending of Western and Eastern cultures. Jose P. His last poem was discovered in an alcohol stove after his death. Click the links to see the poem:. It is also a reminder to us youth in society to care for our own nation. Did Rizal ever think of arm struggle?
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A la Juventud Filipina