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So co-education should be adopted and the existing colleges and schools should also be opened to girls. A little thought would expose the hollowness of these arguments.

They should be given education but with care and caution. Thus, it will be beneficial for both boys and girls and the nation as a whole.

They want to be more English than English because west has co-education so they must have it. Co-education gives an early chance to boys and girls to know each other.

Bad effects of co-education

This is very essential in an institution set up as well as it will have a huge impact on their personal front for the people of the opposite sex to behave well with each other. It is no more a foreign system. Co-education reduces gender bias in the society. The supporters of co-education also say that in progressive society men and women should come closer co-education would provide an opportunity to the young men and women to understand each other. In early Vedic Society Ancient India , co-education was prevalent in a few places. When it comes to competing with one another in the field of academics, one realises that boys and girls are almost the same in terms of potential and capability. They also fail to gain confidence and groom their personalities. They try to wear clothes of the latest fashion to impress one another. There is less interaction between genders in a single sex school, which means it has less distraction for students than co-ed schools. My own experience shows that there is much to studies in coeducational college and devotion more seriousness, There is a kind of healthy and desirable competition.

The students try to attract the attention of the opposite sex in this way. What is needed is that students should not be allowed to remain idle.

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Some people favor this system.

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