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Ornately decorated, dark green and lighter brown, triangular, almost pyramidlike "mountains" rise in front of a pale, glowing "sky" in an acrylic on paper painting, done in about Crown-shaped and covered in pale-green hexagonal shingles, the house today resembles a frosted cake. Snow falls on a fancifully exaggerated Japanese art museum in one video, and windows light up in a diamond-shaped office complex created for a Missouri bank tower.

Then they moved to Skiatook and Hominy, where he saw the Indians in ceremonial dress, and was very impressed with their patterns and color. InBrackin was a founding member of the Friends of Kebyar, serving as its second president from to During this time he has designed over buildings, including several library facilities.

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At the end of the first summer, they moved to Henrietta, where Bruce's sister was born in He began incorporating found objects while in a Navy construction battalion during World War II, and he continued this practice even in the absence of wartime shortages.

With his use of vernacular and castoff materials, including salvaged oil-field pipe and jute rope, Goff simultaneously anticipated the age of sustainable architecture and enshrined the flotsam of American industry and mass-product design, elevating everyday items to decorative art.

Where: Fred Jones Jr.

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Supplying us with one of the purest insights into Goff's vision, however, are four paintings that bring to mind decorative fantasy elements in the work of Fritz Hundertwasser and Gustav Klimt.

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